Anna was born and grew up in Yakutsk, capital of Yakutia Sakha Republic, the coldest region of Russia, in a family of scientists of geodesy, rich with culture, inspiration and big passion for nature. She started to create the realistic drawings and paintings in the age of 2 years old. The spirit of Siberian nature, mysteries of northern shamanism and cultural mix influenced her creative skills, broadly developed through her study, professional courses and more then 20 years of international working experience:

- Red Diploma in Fine Art (4 years study), Russia

- Creativity training session in Academy of Art, Russia

- International Design Seminars, Asia and UK

- Professional development course in Visual Communication for Art Directors, dual awards: British School of Art and Design (Moscow - Hertfordshire, UK)   

Prizes and Achievements:

- Personal Solo Show exhibition of Fine Art, USA

- First prize for animation work in International Collaborative Project, UK

- First prize for promotional campaign, “Russian Design Week”, UK

- Donated artwork of 20 children portraits to Children’s Home, Jackson, USA

Anna also comprehend two polar fields of knowledge in her self-discovery. So after finalizing her Master Diploma in International Economics, she came back to an Art Stage and was working as a Visual Artist in USA, cooperating with interior Studios as a Murals Painter. The originals of her paintings and murals belong to private collections in New York, Chicago, Jackson, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Berlin and Munich. Later she combined her business and creative skills in the advertisement industry, working as a graphic designer and Art Director in Russia and UK. In 2005, Anna moved to Berlin to finalize her dual MBA Dissertation (Berlin - London) while working for international companies as an Art Director.

Motherhood turned out to be the greatest project of Anna’s Life and inspired her creative strengths, enhancing the role of Visual Artist. She is now working as a Visual and Murals Artist, focusing on watercolour, pencil and acrylic. Anna’s paintings primarily involve the interpretation of portraiture. Fantasy and passion for life and nature, coming from her childhood, effecting a bright and colorful pallette’s choice, that serves to empower rather than objectivity: a reflection of beauty and happiness.   

Lena Pillars, "Spirit of my Motherland"